Raspberry Pi

RaspberryPi with PiHole to block ads everywhere

Ads are annoying and RaspberryPi with PiHole will get rid of all these ads on every device connected to your network. In this post we will configure PiHole on RaspberryPi to serve as network wide ad blocker.

Reviving RaspberryPi 1 Model B in 2021 After 7 years

RaspberryPi 1 Model B was launched in 2013 and after 7 years the RaspberryPi Os and its setup has improved significantly. We will setup a usb wifi adapter and raspberryPi OS Lite on RaspberryPi 1 Model B and fix common setting issues

Raspberry Pi and spare car speakers for wifi boom box

This post is about making a wi-fi speaker which supports AirPlay so that you can play music…

Raspberry Pi – How to start a project

Since the time I heard about this credit card sized computer I stared dreaming about what all…